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Born in Germany, Nikolas Piper studied at the School of Fine Arts in Berlin and graduated in Communication Design.

In 1994, the renowned blacksmith Antonio Bonet (Ses Salines/Mallorca) introduced Nikolas Piper to the world of metallurgy.

Nikolas Piper entered the international furniture design market in 1996 as a participant in the Passagen Section of the Cologne Furniture Fair (Germany).

Since then, Nikolas Piper's designs have attracted lots of followers..

Nikolas Piper blurs the line between art and design to bring into being “furniture sculpture.”

Conceived for those impassioned by the work of the creator, it is furniture of outstanding quality fit just for them, not unlike a Haute Couture dress.

All creations speak a timeless, unmistakable language of perfect finishes, respect for nature, sensuality and last, but not least, humor.

Each design depends on the individual client and their needs, which serve as a fountain of inspiration.

Their belief and trust in the design is the ideal stimulus to create something unique. His exclusive work can be found across Spain and beyond - in London, Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam, Mexico and the United States - in projects designed for private residences, institutions, museums and the furniture industry.


  • The idea behind the pieces he designs is that they are privately commissioned by his clients.He combines the client´s needs and desires with his power of design.

    Revista De Casa
  • Nikolas Piper was born in Germany but has been living in Spain for more than two decades. He possesses an incredible talent for turning a simple piece of metal or wood into a sculpture with perfect proportions and flawless design.

    Revista Nuevo Estilo


  • Elle Decor. Elle. Noviembre 2014
  • Fuera de Serie – Expansión Mayo 2013
  • Harpers Bazaar Diciembre 2012
  • Nuevo Estilo Septiembre 2011
  • AD (Talentos AD)
  • Wallpaper Noviembre 2004
  • Elle Deco (Guía Deco) Julio 2004